Etnia Barcelona presents Moi Aussi, an artistic project that merges art with the world of optics


The eyewear brand from Barcelona joins Moi Aussi to materialize the maximum artistic expression through a pair of glasses as a canvas. The AIM of the collaboration is to offer support to artists from all over the world and encourage them to make their art visible internationally.

The ABBAZIA DELLA MISERICORDIA Church in VENICE, recently acquired by Etnia Barcelona, will become Moi Aussi’s Creative Lab, where every month two international artists will create their own work of art using glasses.

The art pieces created will be exhibited in different GALLERIES and MUSEUMS around the world, boosting the visibility and visibility of the artists and the project.

Etnia Barcelona, an independent eyewear brand known for its commitment to art, quality and color, presents Moi Aussi by Etnia Barcelona, a creative project driven by Andrea Zampol D’Ortia, optician and art lover, with the aim of becoming a global platform where artists from all over the world can express themselves and make their artistic careers known.

Since its beginnings more than 20 years ago, Etnia Barcelona has integrated art into its DNA, considering it as a way of understanding the world. This philosophy is reflected in all its campaigns and collaborations with artists. With Moi Aussi, the Barcelona eyewear brand combines art and optics by working closely with artists and highlighting its leitmotif “BEANARTIST”, which translates as “Rebel through art”.

In line with this philosophy and as a tribute to art and artists, the brand goes a step further with the acquisition of the Church Dell’Abbazia Della Misericordia in Venice, a historic space completely rebuilt in the thirteenth century, which will be renovated and fitted out to become the Moi Aussi Creative Laboratory, the place of work and stay of 24 international artists who will be part of the project each year. This laboratory will also be open to other established artists or artistic collectives who wish to exhibit their work in Venice.


Moi Aussi is much more than a brand, it is an artistic project conceived as a creative movement that embraces artists from all over the world transcending any cultural border and ensuring that the true purpose of art triumphs over any diversity of culture, religion or ethnicity. Cultural diversity represents the strength of the Moi Aussi artistic community, the meaning of which reflects both the artists’ desire to be part of this community and the beginning of their journey, offering them artistic support and global visibility.

This project, aimed at an art world that is elevated, but also fresh, bold and young, is based on three fundamental pillars: art, emotion and contrast. Moi Aussi represents the artist’s manifesto, which in turn represents these three pillars and the declaration of intentions of this artistic movement.

The Moi Aussi logo is based on the verticality of the architectural elements of the Abbazia della Misericordia: pillars, columns and stained glass windows. Thus, the purest geometric shapes match the poetry behind the project. This approach symbolizes the unique and distinctive personality of each artist, representing “MOI” as the soul of the artist and “AUSSI” as the sense of belonging to the artistic community, creating a balance between formality and creative expression.


An art commission, formed by specialists from different disciplines of the art world, will be in charge of selecting the artists who will participate annually in this experience.

Each month, THE CREATIVE LAB will host two of these artists, who will live together and create five pieces of art from a pair of glasses frames. These will serve as a canvas for each one of them to create their own work of art with freedom and imagination.

Of these five pieces, one will remain in the Moi Aussi Gallery, another will be exhibited in the Etnia Barcelona museum, two works will be exhibited in art museums around the world and the last piece will be offered for sale through an auction.

All proceeds will be used for reinvestment and sustainability of the Moi Aussi project.