Oakley and ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma launch next chapter of ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign


The global leader in sports performance eyewear, launched the latest chapter of its powerful and inspiring campaign ‘Be Who You Are’.  Fronting the campaign is none other than ROHIT SHARMA, to whose tune, 1.4 billion hearts beat, as he leads India into its fourth World Cup title quest.

This also marks Rohit Sharma’s 5th year of association with Oakley, strengthening the brand’s commitment to supporting athletes to play at the highest level and be their true, authentic selves.

The new ad celebrates the authenticity, passion, and self-belief of an athlete’s journey, with Rohit leading the narrative on behalf of Oakley. The ad opens with the “HITMAN”, who is in the prime of his career, inspiring future athletes to trust and embrace their inner voice, empowering them to steer decisions and actions in pursuit of excellence. Through Rohit’s iconic presence, the ad depicts multiple scenarios with Rohit motivating these athletes to achieve their goals by being who they are. The campaign aims to connect with the target audience and envelop them in Oakley's overarching mission to elevate sports and active lifestyle in India.

“At Oakley, we are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Rohit Sharma and unveil the latest chapter of our ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign. Oakley believes in highlighting both the human side, as well as the sporting side, shining a spotlight not only on the athlete’s talent but also on their role as a leader and positive role model for future generations.” said Sahil Jandial, Senior Brand Business Manager, Oakley India.

Commenting on the campaign, Rohit Sharma shared “Through the 'Be Who You Are' campaign, we aim to inspire the next generation of athletes to embrace their authenticity and pursue their dreams with unwavering self-belief, a mantra that has guided me in my journey. Teaming up with Oakley, our goal was to bring alive the message, that it's not just about chasing victories on the field for an athlete, but about conquering any terrain, in any arena, and any sport, simply by being true to themselves."

In the latest campaign, Rohit is seen sporting the brand’s newly launched eyewear – Sphaera and Bisphaera, offering the most extended field of view yet. Made by and for contenders, both eyewear are set to make a statement at upcoming Olympics 2024. Tailored to meet the rigorous needs of athletes, these eyewear styles bring together the best elements from Oakley’s diverse sports lineup. Coined Oakley’s most forgettable eyewear yet, the frames provide an almost weightless feel when worn.