Cartoon Collection, the new campaign by Etnia Barcelona for the KIDS SS24 collection


Cartoon Collection, inspired by comics, invites the little ones to express their personality, creativity, and uniqueness.

Etnia Barcelona encourages art and creativity among the youngest. On this occasion, the Barcelona- based brand has chosen the fascinating world of comics to present its latest KIDS collection. Thus, Cartoon Collection is born, an unpretentious, fun, adventurous, and highly creative campaign inspired by the creative and expressive universe of comics.

Cartoon Collection revives the magic of comics and translates it into the world of glasses, inviting the little ones to express their personality, creativity, and uniqueness through fun shapes and vibrant colors. Additionally, with this campaign, Etnia Barcelona uses the expressive visual language of comics to bring children closer to the world of glasses and invite them to imagine and tell their own stories.

The ‘BA-BAAAANG!’ model was awarded the Silmo d’Or Paris 2023 prize for the most innovative and creative design in the “Kids” category.

The new collection consists of 6 unique models, all inspired by the vibrant visual language of comics. Discover the fun with ‘BAAAANG!’ (6 colors); the excitement with ‘BOOOOM!’ (3 colors); the uniqueness with ‘KA-BOOOOM’ (1 color); the explosion of color with ‘KA-POOOW!’ (3 colors); the intrigue with ‘KA-POOOW!’ (1 color) and the boldness with ‘BA-BAAAANG!’ (2 colors).


The KIDS collection is already available in selected optical stores (check the brand’s shopfinder on the website), at, and in its Flagship Store.