Bayria Eyewear presents the Arts & Crafts collection


Precious and hand-painted materials, with linear and geometric decorations and with the inclusion of refined details that recall the ancient. In 1861 the Arts&Crafts movement founded by William Morris was born, as a contrast to the low quality, homologation and decline of taste of the products of the industrial revolution.

The current, which still today influences fashion and interior and exterior design, placed craftsmanship as an expression of man's work and his needs, but above all as a lasting value over time. The movement of Morris and his followers was a truly cultured reaction to industrialization, which laid the foundations of modern design, with an eclectic production, characterized by almost hypnotising geometries and numerous natural and botanical references.

The Arts & Crafts style applied art to the making of furniture, jewelry, metal containers and lamps, as well as wallpaper, rugs and fabrics. An unmistakable and iconic style that reproduced vines, flowers, birds in a symmetrically perfect manner, in countless ways and countless times.

Ariminum c01 5220 145-2 Ariminum c02 5220 145-2

Bayria Eyewear was inspired by the dictates of this incredible artistic movement for the creation of the Arts & Crafts collection, in which we find the common thread of the brand, the dichotomy between avant-garde lines and craftsmanship.

The statement accessories produced by the brand also feature extremely linear and geometric volumes in this edition: maxi cat-eye glasses, with multi-faceted details on the tips given by particular step-effect engravings; transparent colored acetate frames from which you can glimpse ripples formed by an internal sheet with matelassé workmanship that creates an incredible light effect.

Bononia c01 5118 145-4 Bononia c03 5118 145-2

In the collection we also find rhomboidal shapes with gold details and irreverent curved temples, alongside the indispensable diva glasses from the Sixties, played down by tricolor temples, as well as the unmistakable "jagged" Bayria workmanship which we find applied to round models, enriched with gold accessories and metallic soul. The color palette ranges from black to whale blue, to burgundy red and undergrowth green, up to graceful white, pink and crystal.

Rhegium c03 5028 145-5 Rhegium c02 5028 145
Genua c01 5220 145-7 Genua_-295

Morris' wallpaper, which depicted fauna and flora, inspired the brand to design a collection with earthy, enveloping colors and timeless elegance, refined and yet so deeply linked to the roots of man, to manual work, to the ideal ultimate beauty.

The love for art and design is translated into Bayria's continuous search to adapt the function of a necessary object, such as glasses, to pure aesthetics.

Vincens c04 4824 145 Vincens 4824 145-2

The creation of the collections is entrusted to artisan workshops that apply the dictates of ethical work, guaranteeing respect for human and environmental heritage, trying to leave to future generations what the ancients have left to us and which continues to inspire us.

Utinum c01 5020 145-2 Utinum c015020 145