Maui jim unveils the new "Color you can feel" advertising campaign featuring Global Brand Ambassador Evan Mock


An immersive journey through color, beauty, and emotion; a pivotal moment in the Brand's global refresh.

Evan Mock, the embodiment of Maui Jim's contemporary coolness, takes center stage as Global Brand Ambassador in the new advertising campaign, "Color You Can Feel," released alongside the launch of Collection 'Ekahi, the first collection designed and produced by Kering Eyewear.

This marks a pivotal moment in the brand's strategy to refresh its image and expand its global reach, captivating a new, younger consumer base, while resonating with an international audience. Inspired by an appreciation of light and color, Maui Jim's focus on innovation finds its utmost expression in its prescription technology and the proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology featured in every lens to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays and elevate the wearer's visual experience.

The campaign invites viewers on an immersive journey through color, beauty, and emotion, showcasing a vibrant series of portraits that transcend the ordinary and capture the connection between sight and feelings when wearing a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.The unveiling promises an unparalleled journey for the eyes, celebrating the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual experience.

A dedicated creativity completes the campaign with two visuals and a video focused on the benefits of Maui Jim's prescription lenses, expertly tailored to meet every need for every occasion, from commuting through bustling city streets to practicing sports out in the open air, exploring the great outdoors, and roaming on sun-kissed shores.

Maui Jim presents a resonant narrative featuring distinct personalities who experience the world's beauty through the lens of innovation and iconic style. The images highlight how Maui Jim frames redefine perception, enrich inner perspectives, and transform passive observers into active doers with a richer, clearer, and more vivid vision, from the brilliant hues of a sunset to the crisp, pure blues of the ocean.

Starring in the campaign, Evan Mock is the ultimate personification of Maui Jim's contemporary coolness and empowered imagination. From surfing and skateboarding on Oahu's North Shore to his role in the Gossip Girl TV series, his unique and polymathic approach makes him the perfect embodiment of the brand's spirit. The actor expresses his enthusiasm, stating, "Being a part of Maui Jim's campaign is an honor. Being Hawaiian, Maui Jim has been such a big part of my life... It was just around, my grandfather had them, my father had them, that's why the project became interesting to me. Color You Can Feel is not just about sunglasses, it's what you get when you put them on. Colors are vibrating ... Watch the sunset and tell me what you feel!"

The collaboration with Evan Mock goes beyond his participation in the shooting, as it embraces a campaign of solidarity for the Lahaina community after last summer's tragic wildfires. As Maui Jim's Global Brand Ambassador, Mock - driven by the affection for his Hawaiian roots - will actively support the company's communications related to all actions undertaken to sustain the Hawaii Community Foundation's "Maui Strong Fund."

After the immediate donation made at the time of the disaster, Maui Jim will make a donation in relation to the four styles worn in the campaign by the Brand Ambassador, to the people of Lahaina, the birthplace and home of the brand. All details related to the donation will be available on website.

Roberto Vedovotto, President and CEO of Kering Eyewear, expresses his pride stating, "Embracing the essence of 'Ohana, we are embarking on a transformative journey, fueled by passion and unwavering commitment, to elevate Maui Jim to new heights.

With our 'Color You Can Feel' campaign, we are not just redefining eyewear, we are reshaping experiences. Together with Evan, who embodies the essence of Maui Jim's contemporary DNA, we are not just selling sunglasses: we are inviting individuals to see the world through a lens of vibrancy, clarity and emotion."

To mark the unveiling, Kering Eyewear will host the Launch Event of Collection 'Ekahi in Milan on February 1st, during MIDO, with the special appearance of Global Brand Ambassador Evan Mock.

Along with Evan Mock, the campaign showcases an authentic casting of diverse faces representing Maui Jim's commitment to inclusivity and catering to a wide spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts, experience seekers, Gen Z trendsetters, and ageless consumers with an attitude.

The visuals are crafted by the industry's finest talents, the likes of British photographer Nick Riley Bentham for the visuals, and Paris-based film director and artist Neels Castillon for the video.