One of its kind event ‘Mastering Scleral lenses with Daddi Fadel’ was hosted by MCVI & LBV at New Delhi


Monica Chaudhry Vision Institute (MCVI) and Learn Beyond Vision (LBV) hosted a one day event ‘Mastering Scleral lenses with Daddi Fadel’ at India Habitat Centre. This event was supported by Visual Aids Centre, Boston Sight Scleral, Online Optom Learning Series (OOLS),Optitech, Bausch and Lomb and Silverline. The one-day Scleral Lens  Workshop aimed to provide an intensive learning experience for participants, focusing on theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and patient interaction related to scleral lens fitting and management. This one day event saw a participation of close to 100 eye care professionals which included optometrists, ophthalmologists and post graduate students in optometry. Padmashri Vipin Buckshey graced the occasion along with senior optometrist Mr Rajesh Wadhwa. The workshop commenced with a warm welcome from Dr Anitha Arvind, setting the tone for the day's activities. Attendees were provided with an overview of the schedule and goals. A traditional lamp lighting was done by Padmashri Vipin Buckshey, Daddi Fadel, Prof Monica Chaudhry, Mr Rajan and Dr Anitha Arvind, this symbolic gesture marked the commencement of the event.

Daddi Fadel provided an in-depth overview of the influence of scleral lens design on fitting and visual outcomes. Her second talk was on scleral lens fitting where she touched upon the importance of central and limbal vaulting as well as lens customization. She also covered various fitting philosophies and methodologies. She then elaborated on troubleshooting scleral lens complications. Mr Manideepak from Boston Sight Scleral then gave an overview on scleral lenses and their designs. Mr Pushendra Singh Rana from Bausch and Lomb gave a brief talk on the importance of care and maintenance in scleral lens management. Ms Anchit Kaur from Silverline delivered a brief talk on silverline products especially on non- preserved saline and its availability in the Indian market.

The Post lunch session included two live fittings on patients with irregular corneal conditions. There was a lot of learning through active participation from the audience. This was followed by a very interesting panel discussion. The panelists included Daddi Fadel, Dr Radhika Tandon, Dr Mukesh, Mr Manideepak and Mr Gagan Sahni. The panelists addressed challenges in scleral lens fitting which included topics such as lens fogging, bubble management, and handling complications. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with the panelists.The workshop concluded with closing remarks from Prof Monica Chaudhry, acknowledgments, felicitations and distribution of participation certificates to all attendees.

Attendees were encouraged to provide feedback on the workshop content, organization, and overall experience.

The key takeaways from this workshop includes participants gained comprehensive knowledge of scleral lens fitting techniques, troubleshooting, and patient interaction. Live patient fits provided enhanced learning experience and on eye lens behaviour.

The one-day Scleral Lens Workshop proved to be a highly informative and interactive event, offering a well-rounded educational experience for attendees. The combination of lectures, panel discussions, and live fits provided a comprehensive understanding of scleral lens fitting and management. Scleral lenses are fast progressing management option world over and practitioners need to be updated on newer technologies and this workshop was an attempt to bring experts to the eye care professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Monica Chaudhry Vision Institute (MCVI) and Learn Beyond Vision (LBV) extend our gratitude to the speakers, panellists, volunteers, and participants for their contributions to the success of this workshop.

The workshop lectures and live fittings will be uploaded on the Learn Beyond Vision (LBV) app under the scleral lens course. The link to download the app is given below:

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Lamp lighting by Daddi Fadel and Padmashri Vipin Buckshey Daddi Fadel enthralling the audience with her talks
Full house at the event Panel discussion at the event with Dr Radhika Tandon (AIIMS), Dr Mukesh, Daddi Fadel, Gagan  Sahni and Mr Manideepak