India Vision Institute's Young Leaders Program for primary eye care supported by Hoya Lens India concludes in Chennai


Eleven emerging young leaders in the primary eye health sector from across India today concluded their six-month training in the Young Leaders Program (YLP).

The young professionals drawn from different areas of primary eye care, including the private sector, retail, NGOs, hospital management and academics, have been in workshop sessions in Chennai since the past three days.

Earlier, since January, through online sessions, the YLP exposed them to aspects of Strategic Leadership, Systems Thinking, Project Management, Decision-Making, and Effective Communications, among others. 

The Chennai workshop, from June 30 to July 1 and 2, has helped expose participants to talks in areas including leadership, the eye health scenario, upliftment of the eye health profession, project management and presentations.

IVI’s CEO Vinod Daniel said, “The growing demand for refractive services across India is throwing open new opportunities for eye health professionals, and consequently there’s a big need for training professionals that would help better equip them to face challenges and become leaders.”

“The YLP Program provides orientation to young professionals and nurtures them to develop attitudes and the skills necessary for working today in industry, retail optical outlets, NGOs, hospitals and academics,” he noted.

“IVI’s eighth YLP Program has empowered the participants to become future leaders of primary eye care, besides offering them opportunities to network with the YLP Alumni and equip themselves for their careers and learning,” he said.

“Since 2013, YLP has helped develop an active Alumni network of 83 eye health professions across India, who together form a motivated group for the development of the sector,” added Mr Daniel.

YLP 2023 was supported by Hoya Lens India Ltd.