The International Eyewear Show is one step ahead and the first in the fair sector to explore the possibilities of a tool that is transforming the advertising world

MIDO, set to take place at Fiera Milano Rho February 3rd to 5th 2024, launches its new worldwide communication campaign: “THE EYEWEAR UNIVERSE”, created by combining humancreativity with the innovative power of Artificial Intelligence, the first trade show campaign to be developed with this technology.

MIDO has consistently ridden, and often anticipated, the wave of new trends, not only in the eyewear industry,” stated MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni. “It altered the traditional concept of trade fairs, transforming itself into a truly global event, in terms of the exhibits and the happenings around them and also in the area of continuing education (like the Otticlub meetings, available year-round on line). It has consistently put its trust in technological and digital innovation and was one of the first shows in the world to develop an app to be used at the fair and to employ augmented reality in an ad campaign. Today, we welcome the opportunity that Artificial Intelligence offers us to explore the new frontiers of visual communication, knowing full well the extent to which human creativity is irreplaceable and that understanding the new technologies means knowing how to manage them intelligently.”

The claim chosen for the campaign is “The Eyewear Universe”, presented graphically through spheres that shape the images and are part of a new universe. Planets of different sizes and colors create the backdrop for iconic style personalities, helping to create a fantastic world: of eyewear.

For the second year in a row, creative direction is by designer and artist Max Galli, in partnership with Mixer Group. “This campaign is a turning point in the advertising sector,” remarked Max Galli, Creative Director. Tools like AI transform creative and production dynamics but human creativity, more than ever, becomes an increasingly valuable talent. A strong concept, a powerful idea, the ability to discern the beauty of one image compared to another are faculties that still make the difference. We created the campaign by providing the AI with all the elements it would need – without our input, it would not have been possible to create anything like it.”