Kering Eyewear unveils the 2nd release of The Kering Eyewear their eyes project

French artist Greg Guillemin aka "Léon" joins the narrative with the creative concept “From Zero to Hero” 

Kering Eyewear adds a new artistic production to the 2-year collaboration project “Kering Eyewear Through Their Eyes”, which was launched in June 2022 as an imaginative platform for international talents invited to interpret the company’s DNA from their own perspective.

After the first edition with Rome-based artist Camilla Falsini, the project now continues with the contribution of Greg Guillemin aka "Léon", mostly known for his signature works mixing pop culture elements and everyday life. 

In his studio in the Paris area, founded in 2012 after working 20 years as an art director, Grégoire Guillemin plays with multiple references from Marvel to Roy Lichtenstein, from comic strips to Japanese culture, standing out for his sense of composition and framing, and for the graphic and aesthetic quality of his works. His witty illustrations and paintings are exhibited in influential galleries around the world.

The French artist drew inspiration from his acclaimed series The Secret Life of Heroes to design the From Zero to Hero composition starring a group of fantastical characters embodying the company’s vision and values. In a high-impact burst of bright colors and comic strip heroes, the drawings highlight Kering Eyewear’s dynamic spin and prosperous evolution.

In the artist’s contemporary pop imagery, passion, commitment, audacity and teamwork are the superpowers of all seemingly ordinary individuals who, instead, turn out to be true champions leading the company to achieve extraordinary goals in only 8 years since its founding in 2014.