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Eyetool question of the day #324

What are the benefits of aspheric lenses?

Aspheric lenses do have many advantages:

Improved optics

Better visual acuity, closer to natural vision

Minimal distortion





Vision is sharper, magnification/ minification is decreased, and they look better. They are available in varifocals, plus, minus, and low-powered lenses.

Be careful though. You can cut off the benefits of an aspheric lens in a small frame, Use manufacturer cut-out charts to determine if an aspheric lens is worth it for the patient.

And because aspheric lenses are flatter, some patients may feel the backside of the lens, with their lashes. A concave curve on the backside helps position the lens further from the eye and provides a wider field of vision.

It’s worth having some sample aspheric lenses in the practice so people can compare them with standard spherical lenses.