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Eyetools question of the day #331

I have just opened my first community eye care practice. I’m thinking of attracting new customers by having a very low eye examination fee. Do you have any tips?

It is common for some people to be attracted to things that are priced low. However, when it comes to spending on more important things like dental check-ups, purchasing medicines, or getting eye exams done, individuals are not always drawn to the lowest price.

Having a low eye examination fee can make your practice look less professional than your competitors. It could also draw in patients that are bargain hunters who take your prescription to a competitor with cheaper frames than you. Bargain hunters are not loyal and flit from one special offer to the next.

A low eye exam fee may also attract people who know they don’t need glasses but want an eye exam to check their eye health. In the long run, you need to understand how much your chair time costs. How much effort and time will that patient take? You need to set your eye exam fee to make sure that all the costs you incur during the eye exam (lighting, rent, staff costs, your time) are covered or at the least substantially contributed to.

Some patients will choose a higher-priced eye exam because they expect close personal attention and good customer service. Patients want good value.

There are certain factors that can help make a practice more attractive for the patient even if there’s a high price tag attached to the services. The physical environment should be comfortable, the staff should be educated and friendly, the working hours should be convenient, and the brands you offer should cover several price points. With so many better things to look forward to, price becomes a lesser important consideration.

You can set low prices for the excess/old items. If you over-ordered certain products that did not get sold, place them on sale. If these items are about to go out of style, place discounts on them so they can get sold for some money instead of no money at all.

Make seasonal sales. It is important to sell out seasonal products during the season. Styles change and new trends are always being introduced which is why it is important to make room for products that are aligned with the latest requirements.

Over a high level of personal service, well trained and friendly staff in a pleasant environment.

Materials can be discounted but not services.