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Eyetool question of the day #322

I’ve just opened my first community eye care practice. I want to make sure I offer a variety of varifocal lenses. Do you have any suggestions?

I suggest that you offer three main types of general varifocal lenses all available in clear hard coat, clear with anti-reflection coating, photochromic, normal, mid-, and high index.

 I suggest an entry-level (budget) varifocal with a more limited field of view for near vision and intermediate tasks.

Then a mid-range lens that offers a wider, more comfortable field of vision useful for those who wanted to read a lot and have intermediate tasks.

A top-of-the-range varifocal with the most comfortable and natural field of vision for all-around use.

Talk to your lens suppliers and ask their advice on which lenses to use in each of these categories.

Find some images that show the benefits of the mid-range and the top-range varifocals compared to the entry-level and use these when discussing the options with patients.

My experience of offering a range of three general varifocals is that most patients will choose the mid-range and some the top range.