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Eyetools question of the day #298 

You recently posted about a useful book on binocular vision ‘Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision.’ Can you recommend other books that would be useful for an eye care student or a person recently qualified as an eye care specialist?

Yes, I’m very happy to recommend other books available from Ridgevue Publishing, the people who published ‘Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision’. This was their first book but they have many others now.

See https://www.ridgevue.com/about for how these books work and where you can get them from.

All their books are e-books so they contain videos, links, glossary terms, and built-in study cards.

I have read several of them and learned a great deal. I do love the click-throughs to videos and that I can make my own study cards.

And you can download samples for free to make sure they are right for you.