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Eyetools question of the day #294 

I want to improve my knowledge of binocular vision. Do you have any suggestions for useful books?

Well of course you could try my book, ‘The Art of Investigating Binocular Vision Anomalies’, available on the Amazon platform as a traditional book or an e-book.

I’m also very happy to recommend ‘Rutstein’s Atlas of Binocular Vision’. This is an excellent book but it is only available as an e-book through the Apple Store. Being an e-book, it has lots of features that traditional books can’t have. As the publishers state about their range of eye care e-books: ‘These are not your father’s textbooks… they contain video, links, glossary terms, and built-in study cards. Indeed, I found the click-through to videos very useful. Binocular vision is about eyes moving and the videos in this book allow the reader to see eyes moving.

The book is content-rich and interactive. Intended for students and clinicians in optometry and ophthalmology. Diagnoses are organized into 11 chapters spanning 156 pages including amblyopia, esotropia, exotropia, and three classes of incomitancy. Information on each individual diagnosis is presented in the following order:

Patient Presentation:


Epidemiological Factors


Natural Course.



Diagnosis/Associated Findings

Differential Diagnosis.





Patient Education.

It’s good to read. Knowledge gives us the power to help our patients.