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Eyetools question of the day #286

I have a busy practice with lots of patients. My staff works hard with each patient and we pride ourselves on customer service. How can I make sure that our hard work achieves the best financial return per patient?

When you have people in your practice it is important to make sure that you fulfill all their visual needs. Sometimes patients do not know that they have an unmet visual need and it is up to you and your staff to identify these unmet needs and offer the patient a solution.

Ask your patients about their leisure lifestyles during the history and symptom-taking part of the eye examination.

For those that are active outdoors advise the following:

For patients who participate in water sports, offer them the option of purchasing prescription swimming goggles, a floating eyewear retainer, or a glasses gripper. If you don’t already carry these products, you can establish a relationship with a supplier or order them online for the convenience of your patients.

Patients who are competition runners, triathletes, and leisure runners alike they might not know the benefits of wearing contact lenses. Aside from the risk of losing glasses while running, the glasses can become damaged from a build-up of sweat and sunscreen. Patients could be encouraged to try contact lenses for a week and monitor how it impacts their vision and running performance. For many, it can reduce irritation and improve visibility when it rains.