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Eyetools question of the day #248

When my patients become presbyopic some of them find it very difficult to adapt to progressive lenses. Is there any way I can prepare them for the progressive lens experience before they become fully presbyopic?

Yes, there is.

Kodak has produced a lens that introduces people to the concept of progressive lenses before they become presbyopic. The PowerUp Lens is designed for people between 25-40 years of age who are too young for progressive lenses but could benefit from a power boost in the reading area of their distance vision lenses.

It is a single vision design enhanced with two power boost options in the near viewing zone. One option is a +0.40 DS addition. A higher boost level of +0.66D works for older individuals closer to needing a reading correction.

PowerUp lenses are available in clear, photochromic, polarized, and blue light–filtering options. It is currently available at a 1.67 index with plans for a polycarbonate version.

Patients will benefit from reduced eye strain when needing to focus at arms-length to read device screens This will provide comfortable vision to enjoy digital devices for work and play, all-day.

The Practice will benefit from providing a lens that is between single vision and progressive requirements, and because the PowerUp lens prepares pre-presbyopes to use a near viewing zone allowing faster adaptation to a progressive in the future