Savior of the stores has the solution got something to do with art?

Savior of the Stores

has the solution got something to do with Art?


The stores of the future need to reinvent the customer experience. Just offering products will not make it in a world where through the metaverse brand experiences will become incredibly immersive and potentially even more impressive than those in a store Art can be such a differentiator, but it has to be done with purpose Just adding art or an artistic installation or a great interior or exterior design to a space won't make it "special," unless a truly remarkable experience comes out of it -"Daniel Langer, CEO of the luxury strategy firm Équité and the executive professor of luxury s trategy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Of-late, retail store spaces have been filled to the brim with “experiences.” The focus isn’t on retail alone but on “experience.” Store spaces need to be well-designed and executed and that high production value is absolutely important.

What could be the primary purpose of this store experience? maybe to have some fun by getting some great photo ops for social media to boost our own social currency. The design could partly be inspired by a museum, art show, amusement park, entertainment venue, playground, retail store or a permutation and combination of all or a few. For me, it should be a more intellectual entertainment experience powered by artists. If a store exists, it needs to have a strong raison d'être, and not just function as a mini-warehouse of a product.

Starting small and in phases the existing stores can explore concepts that can help them leapfrog their competition and increase their bottom lines. For e.g. one such experience could be to invite a small homogenous group of prospective customers over a cup of tea and showcase a specially curated collection. The objective can be achieved if we understand the following sequence well.

1) Display the products in a easily classified theme to help create experiential zones for customers to interact with the products and also take meaningful pictures or generate shareable content for their social media posts:


2) Reshuffle in-Store Branding while the customers are busy experiencing the theme and the products the branding that is usually provided by the brands should be repositioned to help generate a connection though



3) Make and promote the same offers and themes as displayed physically in the store on available Social Media Platforms. but make sure you:

a) highlight your customers that can influence others

b) request your customers to tag your store in their stories and posts about their experience.

We have a great example of a similar experience being showcased by S.R Gopal Rao Opticians and Optometrists, Bengaluru. In the pursuit of knowledge we interviewed Ms Meghana Manay and asked the reason and outcomes by organizing the Luxury Pop-up?


Meghana Manay said “We wanted to attract new customers while also providing new experiences to existing ones. we would also like to highlight brands that most people are unaware exist in the country. We believe that what can be obtained elsewhere can also be obtained in India, and we assist with it. We work hard to raise awareness of a variety of well-known and highly regarded luxury and premium brands, as well as their products”. What all preparations were required at the store level? She said “At the store level, various requirements must be met by our team in each department, such as preparing marketing materials and communicating them to customers through various channels. Information is shared both online and offline; and we are very flexible in this regard because we prioritise our customers' comfort. Coordination between in-store teams and partners is another key responsibility that we have at the store level. Correspondingly, there is also cost management, planning and training required, which results in fantastic events put together for customers and the newcomers to enjoy”.

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